How To Cancel Cubesmart

How To Cancel Cubesmart Subscription

Renting a storage unit from CubeSmart can provide extra space when you need it, but once your need for storage goes away, canceling your unit can feel complicated. Getting out of a storage rental contract doesn’t have to be difficult if you understand the cancellation policies and prepare accordingly.

In this blog post, I’ll walk through the step-by-step process to cancel your CubeSmart storage unit rental stress-free. We’ll cover:

  • CubeSmart’s cancellation policy and what you need to know
  • How far in advance you should notify CubeSmart
  • Turning in your gate access code and locks
  • Emptying out your unit properly
  • Finalizing account closure with customer support

Whether moving, decluttering, or no longer needing your CubeSmart unit, this guide will explain how to cancel without hassle or surprise fees. By following the proper cancellation procedures, you can be free of your storage rental commitment and move on to the next chapter. Let’s get started!

Reason for Canceling Cubesmart:

There could be various reasons for canceling your Cubesmart subscription. You might have found an alternative storage solution, or perhaps you no longer need the extra space. Whatever the reason may be, canceling your subscription is a straightforward process that can be done without any complications.

Step-by-Step Guide on Canceling Cubesmart:

Locate the Customer Service Contact Information: Start by finding the customer service contact information for Cubesmart. You can usually find this on their official website or by doing a quick internet search.

Reach Out to Customer Service: Once you have the contact information, contact Cubesmart’s customer service via phone or email. Explain your intention to cancel your subscription and provide them with any necessary details they may require, such as your account number or name.

Follow Any Instructions Provided: The customer service representative will most likely provide you with instructions on how to proceed with cancelation. It could involve filling out a cancellation form or providing written confirmation of your request.

Return Any Required Equipment or Keys: If you have been provided with any physical equipment or keys by Cubesmart, such as a lock or access card, make sure to return them as per their instructions. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.

Confirm Cancellation: After following all the necessary steps, confirm the cancellation with Cubesmart. Ensure that you receive written confirmation or an acknowledgment of your request for your records.


Q: Will I receive a refund upon cancellation?
A: Cubesmart’s refund policy may vary, so it is best to contact customer service and inquire about any potential refund.

Q: How much notice should I give before canceling?
A: Cubesmart typically requires at least a 10-day notice before canceling your subscription. Confirm this with customer service for accuracy.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription online?
A: Cubesmart primarily handles cancellations through their customer service department, but it’s worth checking if there is an online option available.

Q: Are there any penalties for canceling before the contract term ends?
A: Depending on your specific contract, there may be penalties for early cancellation. Discuss this with customer service to understand the terms and conditions.

Q: Can I transfer my subscription to someone else?
A: In some cases, Cubesmart may allow you to transfer your subscription to another individual. Contact customer service to inquire about the necessary steps for a transfer.


Canceling your Cubesmart subscription is a simple process if you follow the necessary steps outlined above. Remember to contact customer service, return any required equipment, and obtain written confirmation of your cancellation. Additionally, make sure to clarify any refund policies, notice periods, penalties, or transfer options with Cubesmart. By doing so, you can smoothly cancel your subscription without any hassle.

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