How to Cancel Game Informer

How to Cancel Game Informer

Are you looking to cancel your Game Informer subscription? As one of the most popular gaming magazines around, Game Informer provides great content for video game enthusiasts. However, between the cost and stacking up of issues, you may be considering canceling your subscription.

The good news is, that canceling your Game Informer subscription is relatively straightforward. However, the exact steps depend on how you originally subscribed – directly through Game Informer or as part of a GameStop membership.

In this blog post, I’ll walk through the step-by-step instructions for how to cancel your Game Informer subscription.

Reasons for Canceling Game Informer

There can be various reasons why someone may want to cancel their Game Informer subscription. Some common reasons include:

  1. Lack of time to read the magazine: With our busy lives, it can be challenging to find the time to sit down and read a magazine thoroughly.
  2. Redundancy of information: If you’re already receiving gaming news from other sources or consuming it online, subscribing to a physical magazine may feel unnecessary.
  3. Financial implications: Subscriptions can add up, and if you’re looking to cut down on expenses, canceling a subscription can be a simple way to save money.

How to Cancel your Game Informer Subscription

  1. Contact Game Informer – To cancel your subscription, you will need to get in touch with Game Informer. You can reach out to their customer service through email, phone, or their website’s contact form. Make sure to have your account details ready, such as your subscription number or email address associated with the account.
  2. State your intention – When contacting Game Informer, clearly state your intention to cancel your subscription. Be polite and straightforward.
  3. Provide necessary information – Game Informer may ask you for specific details to verify your account. Provide them with any necessary information so they can locate your subscription details quickly.
  4. Confirm the cancellation – Once you have successfully communicated your desire to cancel, ask for confirmation of the cancellation from Game Informer. This will ensure that your subscription is canceled and no further charges are made.

FAQs about Game Informer Cancellation

Q: Will I receive a refund if I cancel my subscription mid-cycle?

A: Game Informer does not offer refunds for canceled subscriptions. However, you will still have access to the remaining issues of your current subscription period.

Q: Can I cancel my Game Informer subscription online?

A: Yes, Game Informer provides an online contact form where you can submit your cancellation request. Alternatively, you can also contact their customer service via email or phone.

Q: Is there a specific time period within which I must cancel to avoid being charged for the next subscription period?

A: Game Informer has specific cancellation policies, and it’s best to check with them directly for the details. However, it’s generally recommended to cancel before the start of the new subscription period to avoid any charges.

Q: Can I still access Game Informer’s online content after canceling my subscription?

A: Game Informer offers online content to paying subscribers only. Once you cancel your subscription, you may no longer have access to their online content.

Q: Can I gift my remaining subscription issues to someone else after canceling?

A: Game Informer subscriptions are non-transferable, so you cannot gift your remaining subscription period to another person.


Canceling your Game Informer subscription is a simple process that involves contacting their customer service and stating your intention to cancel. Remember to provide the necessary information to assist them in locating your account details. Additionally, be aware of the cancellation policies and any potential charges if not canceled within a specific time frame. If you find yourself no longer in need of the magazine or looking to save money, canceling your Game Informer subscription is a viable option.

Remember, staying informed about gaming news doesn’t have to be limited to one source. There are several online platforms and websites that offer comprehensive gaming information. Explore different options and choose what fits best for you.

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