How to Cancel Geek Squad Plan

Deciding to cancel your Geek Squad plan? While their tech support and protection services may have been useful at one time, over time you may find you no longer need the coverage. Fortunately, canceling your Geek Squad plan is relatively straightforward.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process to cancel your plan whether you purchased it for your computer, smartphone, appliance or other device.

What is Geek Squad?

Geek Squad is a service provided by Best Buy that offers technical support and protection plans for various electronic devices. While their services can be useful, there may come a time when you no longer require or wish to pay for their coverage. Canceling your Geek Squad plan can save you money and provide more control over your expenses.

Reason for Canceling: Geek Squad Plan

There are numerous reasons why one may want to cancel their Geek Squad plan. Some common reasons include:

  1. No longer needing the coverage: If you have recently purchased new devices that come with their own warranty or protection plans, you may find the Geek Squad plan redundant.
  2. Financial reasons: If you are trying to cut down on expenses, canceling a Geek Squad plan can help you save money in the long run.
  3. Dissatisfaction with service: If you have had negative experiences with Geek Squad or are simply not satisfied with the level of service provided, canceling your plan may be the best decision for you.
  4. Coverage limitations: Evaluate your plan to determine if all your devices are covered adequately. If certain devices are not eligible for coverage, canceling the plan may be more beneficial.

Step-by-step guide on how to cancel your Geek Squad plan:

  1. Review your contract or agreement: Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of your plan, such as the cancellation policy and any fees associated with termination.
  2. Contact customer support: Call Geek Squad customer support at the number provided on their website or your billing statements. Be prepared with your account information and reasons for cancellation. Follow the prompts or ask to speak with a representative to guide you through the cancellation process.
  3. Explain your reasons for cancellation: Clearly communicate why you wish to cancel your Geek Squad plan. They may ask for feedback to improve their service and may offer incentives to retain your business, so be prepared for counteroffers.
  4. Follow the instructions provided: The customer support representative will guide you through the cancellation process. They may require certain information or documentation to proceed. Follow their instructions carefully to ensure a smooth cancellation.
  5. Confirm the cancellation: Once the cancellation is processed, ask for confirmation in writing or email. This will serve as proof of cancellation in case of any future disputes or billing issues.


Is there a cancellation fee for terminating my Geek Squad plan?

Geek Squad cancellation fees vary depending on the type of plan and duration. It’s important to review your contract or contact customer support for accurate information regarding any cancellation fees.

Will I receive a refund if I cancel my Geek Squad plan mid-term?

Geek Squad refund policies vary, and it’s important to clarify the refund terms with their customer support. They may prorate the refund based on the remaining coverage period.

Can I cancel my Geek Squad plan online?

While it may be possible to cancel your Geek Squad plan online, it’s recommended to contact customer support directly for the most efficient and accurate process.

Will canceling my Geek Squad plan impact my other services or purchases from Best Buy?

Canceling your Geek Squad plan should not directly affect other services or purchases from Best Buy. However, it’s always advisable to review any interconnected agreements or contracts to understand the potential impact.

Can I cancel my Geek Squad plan at any time?

In most cases, you can cancel your Geek Squad plan at any time. However, it’s essential to review the terms and conditions of your specific plan to ensure there are no restrictions or penalties for early termination.


Canceling your Geek Squad plan is a straightforward process if you follow these steps. By reviewing your contract, contacting customer support, and confirming the cancellation in writing, you can bid farewell to unnecessary expenses or unsatisfactory services. Remember to assess your situation and reasons for canceling to make an informed decision.

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