How To Delete 163 Email Account Permanently

163 email accounts have been a popular choice for users seeking a reliable email service.

However, circumstances change, and you might find yourself in a position where deleting your 163 email account becomes necessary.

Whether you’re transitioning to a different email service provider, concerned about data privacy, or simply decluttering your digital presence, knowing how to permanently delete your 163 email account is crucial.

Why Should You Delete Your 163 Email Account?

Protecting Your Privacy and Data Security

When you decide to move away from a particular email service, ensuring the protection of your personal information becomes paramount. Deleting your 163 email account prevents any potential data breaches and safeguards your sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Streamlining Your Digital Footprint

Managing multiple email accounts can be overwhelming. Deleting unnecessary accounts, like your 163 email account, helps streamline your digital footprint, making it easier to focus on essential communication platforms.

Steps to Permanently Delete Your 163 Email Account

Step 1: Log into Your 163 Email Account

To initiate the deletion process, you need to access your 163 email account. Visit the official 163 email website and log in using your credentials.

Step 2: Access Account Settings

Once logged in, navigate to the account settings or profile options. Look for the section that manages account preferences or security settings.

Step 3: Locate the Account Deletion Option

In the settings menu, search for the ‘Delete Account’ or ‘Close Account’ option. 163 email service typically provides a direct link or button for account deletion.

Step 4: Follow the Deletion Procedure

Click on the ‘Delete Account’ option and carefully follow the provided instructions. You might be prompted to re-enter your password or confirm your decision to delete the account.

Step 5: Confirm Deletion

After completing the deletion steps, the system may require you to confirm your decision once again. This confirmation step is crucial to ensure that the account deletion is intentional.

Step 6: Review Confirmation Email

Check your registered email for a confirmation message from 163. This email often serves as a final verification of your account deletion request.

Step 7: Finalize Deletion

Follow any additional instructions provided in the confirmation email to finalize the deletion process. This step may include clicking on a confirmation link or entering a code.

Tips for a Smooth Deletion Process

Back Up Important Data

Before deleting your 163 email account, ensure you’ve backed up any crucial emails, contacts, or files associated with the account. This precaution prevents the loss of essential information.

Check Associated Services

Review any services or subscriptions linked to your 163 email account. Update or unlink these services to avoid disruption after deletion.

Empty Inbox and Folders

To expedite the deletion process, clear your inbox, and delete any folders or saved items within your 163 email account.

Confirm Deletion Policies

Familiarize yourself with 163’s account deletion policies, ensuring you understand the implications of permanently deleting your account.

FAQs About Deleting Your 163 Email Account

Is it possible to reactivate a deleted 163 email account?

No, once you’ve completed the deletion process and confirmed the account closure, reactivating the same account is typically not possible. Ensure you have backed up any essential data before proceeding.

How long does it take for a 163 email account to be permanently deleted?

The account deletion process varies across platforms. Generally, it may take a few days for the deletion to finalize. Check your email for confirmation regarding the status of your deletion request.

Can I retrieve my data after deleting my 163 email account?

After the account deletion process is complete, retrieving data from a deleted 163 email account is unlikely. Make sure to back up any crucial information before initiating the deletion process.

Are there any fees associated with deleting a 163 email account?

No, deleting your 163 email account is typically free of charge. However, ensure there are no outstanding payments or subscriptions linked to the account before deletion.

What happens to emails sent to a deleted 163 email address?

After deleting your 163 email account, any emails sent to that address will bounce back, indicating that the account no longer exists.


Deleting your 163 email account is a step towards streamlining your digital presence and safeguarding your privacy.

By following the outlined steps and precautions, you can confidently manage your online accounts and ensure a smooth transition to your preferred email service provider. Remember to back up essential data and review all associated services before finalizing the deletion process.

As technology and preferences evolve, understanding how to delete accounts securely becomes essential. Take control of your digital footprint and ensure your online activities align with your current needs and preferences.

Whether it’s for decluttering purposes, data security, or a transition to a different service, knowing the steps to permanently delete your 163 email account empowers you to manage your digital life effectively.

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