How to Delete a Whisper Account

How to Delete a Whisper Account

Whisper is an anonymous social media platform that allows users to post anything they want without sharing any details of their identity. What started as a forum for private secrets has turned into a community that shares thoughts on every topic imaginable. What makes Whisper unique is the way it holds up a mirror to society. Anonymity gives people the ability to share their dark secrets, which range from the silly to the serious, from the mundane to the horrifying.

The whisper application allows users to write short messages on their smartphones and publish them for the world to see. But it’s not exactly for the world to see, as you can choose only to share your posts with people in your city. The app has been around since 2012 and has grown into one of the biggest social networks in the world, the app is now used by over 250 million people each month and continues to grow.

For any reason, If you don’t want to continue on Whisper and want to delete your account then follow these steps.

How to Delete a Whisper Account on Smartphone

  1. Open your Whisper app on the smartphone display.
  2. To bottom,select the profile icon and click on it.
  3. From the Whisper profile, Top of the page and Click on the ‘three-dot icon’ .Then click the settings options.
  4. Clicking on the “Email support” it will open a popup where you should select the ‘Account Deletion’ option.
  5. From here you will redirect to e-mail. Then describe the reasons for deleting your Whisper account.

Delete a Whisper Account by Email

  1. Open your email at first.
  2. Choose ‘[email protected]’ as the email receiver. It is actually the Whisper support team that deals with customers.
  3. Now write, ‘Requesting to delete my Whisper account’ in the subject part of your email.
  4. In the body of the email, describe the reasons for deleting your Whisper account. You may include the notification cause or anything you consider valid in the email body.
  5. Now send the email to the Whisper support team and see how they reply to your email.

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