How To Delete LiveMe Account

How To Delete LiveMe Account

LiveMe is a live streaming app that allows users to share real-time videos with friends, family, and followers. Users can broadcast their special moments, watch great live streams, and video chat online with all other users on the app. The app features a live stream feed that allows you to catch up on videos you missed throughout the day. What’s more, the platform supports both one-to-one and group chats! You can also take advantage of an integrated messaging system that lets you send photos and text messages.

The app supports both Android and iOS devices and has a web version. This app allows only 18 years up. 

However, If you don’t want to use it any longer for any reason. You can do definitely delete your Account. In this article, we will help you permanently delete your LiveMe Account.

So let’s drive to the point.

Deleting LiveMe Account

Unfortunately, LiveMe doesn’t develop an Account deleting process. So, you won’t probably be able to delete the LiveMe Account through apps and web browsers. But we find out an easy trick that’s using you can delete your Account.

Take a screenshot:

  • First, login into your LiveMe Account on your smartphone.
  • Bottom right side corner, Go to profile, then take a screenshot.
  • Take another screenshot from the Account and security page.

sanding an email:

  1. Open your email at first that was registered LiveMe.
  2. Choose “”[email protected]”” s the email receiver. It is actually the LiveMe support team that deals with customers.
  3. Now write, “requesting to delete my LiveMe account’’ in the subject part of your email.
  4. Now, Include what reason you want to delete your Account in the body of the email
  5. Then send the email to the LiveMe support team and see how they reply to your email.

LiveMe customer service address

General contact/Feedback: [email protected]

Safety concerns: [email protected]

Partnerships: [email protected] Legal Relevance/Police Contacts: [email protected]

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