How To Delete Pocket Points Account

In this digital age, managing our online presence has become increasingly important. If you no longer find value in using Pocket Points, a popular app that rewards students for staying off their phones during class, you may be considering deleting your account. This article will guide you through the process of deleting your Pocket Points account, ensuring that your personal information is removed from their servers.

What is Pocket Points?

Pocket Points is a mobile application designed to incentivize students to focus on their studies by rewarding them with points for not using their phones during class. These points can then be redeemed for discounts or freebies at participating local and online businesses. While the app has gained popularity among students, some users may eventually decide to delete their Pocket Points account for various reasons.

Reasons to Delete Pocket Points Account

Before we delve into the steps of deleting your Pocket Points account, let’s explore some common reasons why users may choose to do so:

  1. Lack of interest: Over time, you may have lost interest in using Pocket Points and no longer see the value it provides.
  2. Privacy concerns: If you have concerns about how your personal data is being handled or shared by Pocket Points, deleting your account can provide peace of mind.
  3. Inactive usage: If you have stopped using Pocket Points altogether, it might be best to delete your account to maintain a clutter-free digital presence.

Step 1: Review Pocket Points Terms of Service

Before proceeding with the account deletion process, it’s crucial to review Pocket Points’ Terms of Service. Familiarize yourself with their policies on account deletion, data retention, and any other relevant information. This will help you understand the implications of deleting your account.

Step 2: Clear All Personal Data

To protect your privacy, it’s important to remove any personal data associated with your Pocket Points account. This includes any saved payment information, profile pictures, or personal preferences. Navigate through the app’s settings and ensure that all your personal data is deleted or reset.

Step 3: Deactivate Your Pocket Points Account

To deactivate your Pocket Points account, open the app and go to the settings menu. Look for the account or profile settings and locate the “Deactivate Account” option. Follow the provided instructions to deactivate your account. Keep in mind that deactivating your account is not the same as deleting it, but it will make your account inaccessible to others.

Step 4: Contact Pocket Points Support (Optional)

If you encounter any issues while trying to delete your account or have specific concerns, it’s advisable to reach out to Pocket Points support. They can provide assistance or clarify any doubts you may have. Check their website or app for contact details and communicate your request to delete your account.

Step 5: Confirm Account Deletion

After taking the necessary steps to delete your account, it’s crucial to confirm that the deletion process was successful. Try logging in to your Pocket Points account using your previous credentials. If the login is unsuccessful, it indicates that your account has been deleted successfully.

Alternatives to Pocket Points

If you’re looking for alternatives to Pocket Points or other apps that incentivize productivity, here are a few options worth exploring:

  1. Forest: Forest is an app that helps you stay focused and productive by planting virtual trees. The longer you stay focused, the more trees you grow, and you can even use the points earned to plant real trees.
  2. Habitica: Habitica gamifies your daily tasks and habits, turning them into a role-playing game. Completing tasks and meeting goals earns you experience points and rewards for your virtual character.


Can I reactivate my deleted Pocket Points account?

No, once you delete your Pocket Points account, it cannot be reactivated. Make sure to back up any data or redeem any pending rewards before deleting your account.

Will deleting my Pocket Points account remove all my personal data?

Deleting your account should remove your personal data from Pocket Points’ servers. However, it’s always a good practice to review their privacy policy or contact support for any additional information.

Can I transfer my Pocket Points to another user before deleting my account?

Unfortunately, Pocket Points does not currently provide an option to transfer points between accounts. It’s advisable to redeem any available rewards before proceeding with the account deletion process.

Are there any consequences to deleting my Pocket Points account?

Deleting your account will result in the loss of all accumulated points and rewards. Make sure to redeem any rewards before deleting your account.

How long does it take for Pocket Points to process the account deletion?

Pocket Points should promptly process your account deletion request. However, it’s recommended to double-check your account’s status by attempting to log in after a reasonable period.


Deleting your Pocket Points account is a straightforward process that involves a few simple steps. By following the outlined procedure, you can ensure that your personal data is removed from Pocket Points’ servers. If you have concerns about privacy, inactivity, or simply want to explore other alternatives, taking the time to delete your account can provide a fresh start.

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