How to Edit a Comment on Instagram

How to Edit a Comment on Instagram

Let us admit that no one likes the typo mistake, especially when it comes to social networking such as Facebook and Instagram. The good news is that recently (actually back in 2015), Instagram has added a feature that will permit you to correct such mistakes.

So, when you want to know how to edit a comment on Instagram, note that, in reality, you can only edit the post caption, not the comments.

And depending on the smartphone type, you are the comment editing changes severely.

How to Edit A Comment on Instagram

Although at times we mistakenly type a comment and might want to edit it, Instagram hasn’t added the option for us. Hence, you might only remove the comment from Instagram. Also, you have to choose different techniques to delete the statement depending on your access to Instagram.

Method 1: Removing Instagram Comment from The Smartphone App

Since smartphones are available both in android and IOS options, you need to opt for two different techniques to delete the comment.

  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile screen.
Open Instagram app
  • Now, find the post of which comment you want to delete.
select comment
  • Once you have found the post, click on its ‘Speech Bubble’ icon. It is located underneath the post. Once you have clicked on the speech bubble, you will find the comment.
  • You need to tap on the comment for once if you are using android phones. However, iPhone users need to swipe left for the comment.
  • Once you perform the tapping or swapping, you will find a blue or red background. There will be two symbols. The white one indicates the trash can where all the deleted Instagram comments are stored.
instagram trash button
  • When you click the trash can sign, a red banner will appear on the screen. It will ask for reconfirmation to delete the comment.
  • Press the confirm button on the mobile screen and delete the comment.

When you have deleted the older comment that you had mistakenly posted, you can press the ‘Speech bubble’ icon once again. Now write the new statement andpost a new comment. Also, you can remove other’s comment on your post with the same technique.

Method 2: Removing Instagram Comment Using a Web Browser

When you browse Instagram in your web browser, removing the comment becomes different from the smartphone suggestion. The steps include:

  • At first, log in to your Instagram account from the browser.
  • Now find the post where you have accidentally commented and now want to delete it.
  • Once you have found the comment, hover the cursor of the mouse on the comment. You will see ‘three dots’ appearing next to the mouse.
delete comment on Instagram
  • Once you keep the mouse standstill, three options will appear in the three dots’ exact location. These are reports, cancel, and delete. Click on the comment delete button to remove the comment.
  • If you want to report a comment, click on the report button from the same option.


When it comes to how to edit Instagram comments, you actually need to delete the comment and post a new comment.  You can also remove others’ comments in your profile and even report any comment if you feel insulted by it.

Although the process might seem a bit complicated, doing it a few times will ease the complexity quickly.

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