Tips on How to Pop Out Twitch Chat

How to Pop Out Twitch Chat

Twitch has become a popular and reliable live streaming site over the last few decades. In fact, in less than a decade of launching, Twitch has become gamers’ ultimate choice to live to stream their gaming skill worldwide.

Twitch permits real-time communication and live chat while the gamer is actually playing any game such as PUBG. Since the main purpose of live streaming is to connect the audience, you need to reply to their questions instantly.

So, you might want to know how to pop up twitch chat to communicate quickly with the audience and see their messages on the popup screen as you play the game.

So, we are putting the ways for Twitch pop out chat up here for your convenience.

How to Pop Out Twitch Chat?

You need to interact with friends and audiences while playing games to build your live streaming community. The good news is that Twitch pop-out chat gives you a chance with easiness. However, you need to invest a bit in enabling the pop-out discussion on Twitch if you want to use a 2nd screen for the purpose.

The pop-out chatting option is available during the live streaming session only. So, if you are not on live, the pop-out box will be disabled automatically.

How to Pop Out Chat on Twitch While Streaming?

When you use a single PC or smartphone monitor to play any game and live online stream it on Twitch, you need to be picky. You can use half of the screen to play the game and allow another half of the screen to share the game live on the streaming site.

However, sharing a screen to play the game and live stream simultaneously will distract the audience. Also, you won’t be able to access the messages immediately. But it saves you from investing in a second screen, especially if you are a newbie with budget limitation. Hence, enabling the pop-out message screen on Twitch is your best option to connect the community.

The steps follow as-

  1. When you look at the chat button on Twitch, you should notice a gear icon. The gear icon is easily found right next to the original chat option. The chat menu is purple colored. So, you should see the gear icon situated next to it quickly.
  2. Once you have successfully found the gear icon, tap on it.
  3. When the chat menu opens up, scroll down to find the option for ‘pop out chat.’
  4. When you click on the pop-out chat menu, it will instantly enable the pop out messaging.
  5. Now move the pop-out screen carefully on the screen. You must adjust the pop-out screen with the gaming screen.
  6. You should adjust the chatting and gaming screen properly so that you feel comfortable to interact and play the game simultaneously.

Alternative Way on How to See the Chat on Twitch

If you are ready to invest on a second screen, you can enable the 2nd screen for chatting during the live streaming session on Twitch.  The process follows as-

  1. Log into your Twitch account and tap on the user name. It will open the Twitch dropdown menu form where you can access to ‘channel’ heading option.
  2. Once the channel is ready for live streaming, click on the share option. You will get a code for the ‘embedded chat’ for that channel mainly.
  3. Copy and paste the code on the alternative monitor in Notepad.
  4. You need to save the code in the HTML extension format in Notepad. For example, if your embedded channel code is ‘Messi,’ you need to save it like ‘messi.html’ on the Notepad.
  5. You can now quickly and effectively copy and paste the entire HTML extension in your web browser. Alternatively, please tap on the stream demo folder to open it on the browser.
  6. Once the streaming starts, you can check and reply to the pop-out messages on the second monitor while playing the game on the first monitor.


When you have started the live streaming as a newbie or amateur, it is best to use the Twitch popout chat on the same screen. Although it will hamper your gameplay slightly, this isn’t a big deal with your fast and responsive fingers.

When you have grown up with a community and found some substantial followers, you can invest in a second monitor and use it for messaging while live streaming on the first monitor in Twitch.

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