Tips on How to Share Bitmoji Stories

How to Share Bitmoji Stories

If you think about making your social media appearance exciting and engaging, Bitmoji, with its creative caricatures, might be your ultimate option. The good news is that Bitmoji is now available on Snapchat too.

So, you might want to share your favorite Bitmoji stories with friends. Unfortunately, due to privacy reasons, Snapchat doesn’t allow a direct share of the Bitmoji stories.

Since it created a hue and cry among Bitmoji fans, we decided to find a way on how to share Bitmoji stories with friends. And guess what, we have found two ways for you. Cheers!

How to Share Bitmoji Stories

Bitmoji stories are not so long, and every subscriber receives the same storyline. The only difference is in characters as you change them.  At present, Snapchat only allows us to share the stories between two persons who are involved in a chat. They don’t allow you to share the story with the entire friend list of you.

So, many people want to know how to share Bitmoji stories on Snapchat. So, here goes the answer with the most straightforward methods.

Method 1: Use Screen Recording

Have you ever tried recording on-screen activities on your smartphone? If not, it is high time for you to get accustomed to the screen recording apps. Although some high-end 2020 smartphones come with a built-in screen recording facility, in most cases, you need to download one from the App Store.

Once you have downloaded the screen recorder app, use it to record the entire Bitmoji stories. To record the whole story, at first launch the app.

Then locate your favorite Bitmoji stories and start tapping on it until you go through the entire story. Once you have recorded the Bitmoji story, share it on Snapchat, just like your regular Snapchat stories.

Method 1: Screenshots

This is almost similar to the screen recording option. However, unlike the screen recording, the screenshot option will allow you to share the Bitmoji stories in the still photo instead of a video recording.

You need to tap on each of the Bitmoji frames and take an individual screenshot of them. Since Bitmoji is a series of tapped stories, you might find the method a bit junky. Nonetheless, it is incredibly practical too.

Once you have taken screenshots of all the frames, you can either share them as photos or use an app to convert them into one video. Pixgram or Flipagram are two of the most popular apps to convert pictures into a video quickly.

Thus, the screenshot will allow you to share the Bitmoji stories in Snapchat with friends as photos or videos. Isn’t it impressive?

Nonetheless, when you create the video or upload individual photos, make sure the storyline remains intact so that friends can easily understand it.


Bitmoji stories are so engaging that it is almost irresistible to share them with friends. Although Snapchat for their privacy protection limits you sharing from the stories directly on Snapchat, you can bypass the limitation.

We have discussed two methods to share Bitmoji stories on Snapchat using screenshots or screen recorder app.

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