NeuronWriter Review: Writing a Fully Optimized Blog with NeuronWriter

NeuronWriter Review

Are you an SEO or content marketer looking to elevate your blog articles and rank higher on Google? Neuron Writer is a powerful tool that can help you write and optimize your content for better search engine performance. This blog post will provide a comprehensive review and demo of Neuron Writer, showing you how it works and why it’s a must-have for your SEO toolkit.

What is Neuron Writer?

Neuron Writer is a tool designed to help you write and optimize blog articles so they can rank on Google. It provides keyword suggestions and shows you what your competitors are doing, allowing you to outperform them. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Neuron Writer effectively.

Getting Started with Neuron Writer

  1. Open a New Project: Start by clicking on ‘new query’ and adding your target keyword. You can also choose from advanced settings like including custom URLs and additional keywords you want to rank for.
  2. Content Competition Score: After analyzing your topic, Neuron Writer provides a Content Competition Score. You can then select competitors to use as a reference for creating guidelines.
  3. Content Editor: Once you’ve selected your competitors, proceed to the content editor. Here, you create a title using keywords that your competitors are using in their titles and meta descriptions. Neuron Writer can even generate a title for you using AI.

Writing and Optimizing Your Content

  1. Creating Titles and Descriptions: Use the keywords suggested by Neuron Writer to create compelling titles and meta descriptions. Save your progress frequently.
  2. Adding Keywords: Neuron Writer lists the terms you need to include in your article and headings (H1, H2, H3). This ensures your content is comprehensive and well-optimized.
  3. AI Assistance: Neuron Writer has built-in AI to help you write sections of your article. You can generate outlines, paragraphs, and more by highlighting text and selecting prompts.

Fine-Tuning and Finalizing

  1. Content Score: As you write, Neuron Writer updates your content score, showing you how close you are to your goal. Aim for a high score (e.g., 70 or above) to ensure your article is well-optimized.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Neuron Writer allows you to analyze competitors’ content structure, domain authority, content length, and quality. This helps you understand what makes top-ranking pages successful.
  3. Graphical Insights: While some graphs can be improved in terms of UI, they are useful for visualizing domain authority and content length comparisons.

Additional Features

  • Internal Link Suggestions: Neuron Writer suggests internal links to enhance your content’s SEO.
  • Content Ideas: The tool provides new content ideas based on your existing projects.
  • Content Planning: Use the built-in calendar to plan and manage your content publishing process.

Using Neuron Writer with On-Page Optimization Sheets

For optimal results, use Neuron Writer in conjunction with an on-page optimization sheet. Track your target keywords, adjustments, and results in a structured format. You can get a free on-page optimization sheet by clicking the link in the description.

Neuron Writer on AppSumo

Neuron Writer is available on AppSumo for $89, with various codes that unlock additional features. The more codes you purchase, the more features you get, including integrations with Google Search Console, WordPress, and Zapier.

Neuron Writer on AppSumo


Neuron Writer is an invaluable tool for SEOs and content writers. Its comprehensive features and AI capabilities make it easy to create well-optimized content that can rank high on Google. If you’re interested in purchasing Neuron Writer, click the link in the description to claim this lifetime deal from AppSumo.

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