Full Guide to Using Runway ML AI Tools

Runway ML AI Tools

Runway ML is a powerful toolkit that integrates AI into your creative projects with outstanding image and video generation tools. You can access it online for free with any browser or on mobile via the iOS App. For the best experience, consider a paid subscription to remove watermarks and access HD or 4K full-quality videos.

What is Runway ML?

Runway ML is an AI tool that helps you generate images through text and then edit images and videos with AI. It’s as easy as sharing a prompt detailing the picture you want the generator to create. Runway ML can produce up to 500 images. After creating the image, you can adjust settings such as style, resolution, mood, medium, and prompt weight. You can also modify the art by changing the description.

Need to tweak the generated image slightly? Runway ML boasts an Erase and Replace tool that lets you use a brush to paint over specific areas and then use text descriptions to replace the selected areas with a new image. After it creates the image, you can download and use it.

Already have a similar image to your requested image? You can upload a reference image and then write a description so that Runway ML can create a new image similar to yours but containing the elements you described. Runway ML also has an Infinite Image tool that helps you expand on an image you upload. Place the generated frame on the area of the image you want to expand, describe the contents, and voila!

Runway ML also offers an audio and video editor. Edit your videos manually or with AI. It’s easy to trim videos, merge clips, remove the background, remove objects, and add filters, effects, and transitions. You can also create teams to access assets and edit videos together in real-time.

Key Features

  • Create 500 versions of an image with a single prompt.
  • Improve the image by adjusting style, resolution, mood, medium, and prompt weight.
  • Modify specific areas with the Erase and Replace tool.
  • Infinite Image helps expand on an image.
  • Manually edit your videos.
  • Automate video editing with AI.

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Getting Started with Runway

To begin with Runway, create an account and enter your Personal Workspace dashboard. Here, you’ll find various tools, official video tutorials, and community content to inspire your media creations. On the left side, you have the Assets folder, which stores all your uploaded media and generated content inside Gen-1 and Gen-2.

Choose from a variety of AI Magic Tools to generate images, videos, speech, manipulate media with AI, or even create 3D textures for your objects. Note that this beginner guide will not cover 3D tools.

Gen-1: Video-to-Video

One of the main tools is Video to Video (Gen-1), which manipulates an existing video to create a new one. Upload your video from your computer or Assets folder and set the generation options on the right.

  • Presets: Apply ready templates to edit the video.
  • Prompt: Describe how you want to modify the video in terms of subject, background, and style.
  • Image: Provide an image as a reference that closely matches the style and content of the original video for the best results.

Preview styles at the bottom to see four different frame previews before generating the video. Once done, you can check the result and download it from the top right corner. The default generated video will have a 720p resolution and 24 fps frame rate.

Advanced Gen-1 Settings

Adjust the Style Strength level in the Settings to balance between preserving the original video and adding creativity. Click on Advanced to refine more options:

  • Structural Consistency: Match the shapes of the reference photo or prompt over the original video shapes.
  • Weight: Set how much to match colors and tones of the references without impacting the original video shapes.
  • Frame Consistency: Ensure adjacent frames are as similar as possible.

Upscale the video resolution over 720p or remove any watermark (on paid plans) and choose whether to edit the video foreground or background. Enable Compare Wipe to compare the original video with its modifications. This generated media falls under a royalty-free license, allowing commercial use, remixing, and reuse of the video and all assets uploaded on Runway.

Runway Credits

Each generation consumes credits. You start with 525 one-time credits on a free plan, extendable only with a proper subscription.

Gen-2: Text, Image-to-Video

Another important tool is the Text Image to Video (Gen-2). This opens a dialog box with three sections:

  • Text: Define a prompt describing content, subject, background, style, and details to generate the video.
  • Image: Upload any reference image as a starting point for the generation.
  • Image+Description: Combine a reference image with a custom prompt description.

Generated videos have a 720p resolution with 24 frames per second and a default duration of 4 seconds. Click on Extend to add up to 16 seconds. If the video is satisfactory, download it from the top right corner.

Advanced Gen-2 Features

Adjust settings at the bottom, such as interpolating frames for added smoothness, upscaling the video resolution, or removing watermarks. Adjust the General Motion level for a steadier or faster-paced video. Enhance the video by adding camera motion without impacting the subject or background. Use the Motion Brush to add motion to specific parts of the reference image.

Video AI Tools

Runway includes several AI tools to edit your videos:

  • Color Grade: Change the colors of your video through a prompt description.
  • Super Slow Motion: Extend the duration of your clip by slowing down its speed.

These tools do not consume any credits.


Runway also features a Text to Image generator to create stunning images from prompts, which can be used as references for Gen-2 videos. Set the image aspect ratio, resolution, and style, and describe the subject, background, colors, and vibe. Generate the image, then save to Assets or download.

Image AI Tools

Runway includes tools to edit your images with AI:

  • Infinite Image: Enlarge the image content by placing the generation frame where you want.
  • Erase and Replace: Edit specific photo details with AI by brushing over the area and describing modifications.
  • Backdrop Remix: Change the image background quickly.
  • Upscale Image: Increase any image resolution up to 2K or 4K.

Video Projects

Runway is also an online video editor, perfect for merging media and creating complex custom videos. Create and manage up to three projects on a free plan using the Video Editor Projects feature.

For example, merge the subject of one video with the background of another by using Green Screen to isolate the subject, then apply another background. Use Inpainting to remove specific details and extract the background.


This guide covers the basics of using Runway’s AI tools to enhance your creative projects. For more tips and community help, join the Runway Discord page, visit the Runway YouTube channel, and explore their website for more free guides on AI tools.

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