How To Delete Startup India Account

How to Delete Startup India Account

In recent years, Startup India has become a vital platform for aspiring entrepreneurs in India. It offers various resources, support, and networking opportunities to help startups flourish.

However, circumstances may arise when you need to delete your Startup India account. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process, ensuring a seamless experience.

Reasons for Deleting Your Startup India Account

Before proceeding with the deletion process, consider why you want to close your Startup India account. Identifying the reasons can help you reevaluate your decision and explore alternatives. Some common reasons may include:

Dissolution of Business

If your startup has ceased to operate or has been dissolved, it might be appropriate to delete your Startup India account.

Shifting to Another Platform

Perhaps you’ve found better support or resources on a different platform, leading you to deactivate your Startup India account.

Privacy Concerns

Concerns about data privacy and security might prompt you to close your account.

Business Restructuring

In the case of a major restructuring or change in your startup’s structure, you may need to delete the existing account and create a new one.

Prepare Your Account Information

Before initiating the account deletion process, ensure you have all the necessary information at hand. Take note of:

Login Credentials

You’ll need your username and password to access your Startup India account and begin the deletion procedure.

Business Details

Collect all relevant information about your startup, such as its legal name, registration number, and contact details.


Gather any required documentation, such as business certificates, licenses, and identification documents.

Logging into Your Startup India Account

Once you have the necessary information, follow these steps to log into your Startup India account:

Open the Startup India Website

Go to the official Startup India website ( and click on the “Login” button.

Enter Your Credentials

Enter your registered username and password in the respective fields, then click on the “Login” button.

Two-Factor Authentication

Some accounts may have two-factor authentication enabled. If required, enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number or email address.

Navigating to Account Settings

After successfully logging in, follow these steps to access your account settings:


You’ll land on the Startup India dashboard. Look for the “Settings” or “Account” option, usually located in the top-right corner.

Account Settings

Click on the “Settings” or “Account” option to proceed to your account settings page.

Initiating the Account Deletion Process

With your account settings page open, it’s time to initiate the account deletion process:

Delete Account

Look for the “Delete Account” or “Deactivate Account” option. Click on it to begin the deletion process.


A confirmation pop-up may appear, asking you to verify your decision. Confirm that you want to delete your Startup India account.

Additional Information

In some cases, the system may ask for additional information or reasons for deleting your account. Provide the required details and proceed.

Reviewing Deletion Terms and Conditions

Before finalizing the account deletion, review the terms and conditions related to closing your Startup India account:

Read Terms Carefully

Thoroughly read the terms and conditions to understand the consequences and implications of deleting your account.

Seek Legal Advice

If necessary, consult legal counsel to ensure you comply with all legal requirements.

Confirming Account Deletion

Once you’ve reviewed the terms and conditions, proceed with confirming the account deletion:

Final Confirmation

The system may prompt you to reconfirm your decision. Click on the “Confirm” or “Delete Account” button.

Verify Email

You might receive an email verification link to authenticate your account deletion request. Click on the link to proceed.

Successful Account Deletion

After completing all the steps and verifications, your Startup India account will be successfully deleted.

Congratulations! You’ve now deactivated your Startup India account. Remember that this action is irreversible, and you won’t have access to your previous account.


Can I Reactivate My Deleted Account?

Unfortunately, once you delete your Startup India account, reactivation is not possible. Consider this decision carefully before proceeding.

 Are There Any Charges for Account Deletion?

No, there are no charges associated with deleting your Startup India account.

Will My Data Be Permanently Deleted?

Yes, all your data and information associated with the account will be permanently removed.

Can I Transfer My Account to Someone Else?

No, account transfer is not possible. Each user must create their individual account.

How Long Does It Take to Delete the Account?

The account deletion process usually takes up to 48 hours to complete. You’ll receive an email confirmation once it’s done.

Conclusion: Making Informed Decisions

Deleting your Startup India account is a significant step that should be taken after careful consideration. Ensure you have a valid reason for closing the account and have gathered all necessary information beforehand. Following the steps outlined in this guide and reviewing the terms and conditions, you can successfully navigate the account deletion process.

Remember to explore other options before making a final decision, and always prioritize data privacy and security.

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