How to Upload Photos or Videos to Snapchat Story with Ease

How to Upload Photos or Videos to Snapchat Story

You may have heard about Snapchat,one of the prominent and favorable messaging apps for Android. Mostly it’s trendy to the teen-agers. Creating a profile account, you may add followers to share your impressive videos or photos with them.

Theimages and videos are recognized as snaps. Before self-demolition, all these pictures or records will be visible to below 15 seconds. To learn about how to upload photos to Snapchatis not much that complicated.

However, you may select an alternative to adjoin snaps into a Snapchat story. The followers will be able to witness it for the next twenty-four hours. Interestingly a distinct picture is noticeable only once. On the contrary, you can see the Snapchat story as much as you wish before vanishing.

Over a couple of years, around 200 million people became addicted, and most of them habitually used it. In this handy guide, we will be trained on some tricks and techniques about how to put videos on Snapchat. Hence, you will be acquainted with how to upload videos to Snapchat stories simultaneously.

Be high-flying on your Snapchat profile – Grab these Seven top-notch ideas to upload Photos and Videos to your Snapchat Story:

Step 1

Install Snapchat from the Google play store.

Install Snapchat on Play store

Tap to open this icon. Afterward, tap sign-up and create a user account to give all relevant information.

create Snapchat account

Next, tap to login and go to the main page.

Step 2

  • Firstly, you have to think about which exciting thing you want to capture, add your Story, and share.
Capture button
  • Secondly, focus your phone’s camera on it. Subsequently, you have to hit the “Capture” round at the display’s underside to take photos. You can change it frequently until you get your expected snap. To delete the last shot, you have to hit the monitor’s top-left corner and remove it.

Step 3

To add video, you have to tap and embrace the “Capture” circle concurrently and video up to 60 seconds and delete. You can also use a video uploader for Snapchat.

Step 4

You can write, alter, insert effects or drawings on your snaps whenever you want. Hit the three upright dots right area of the photo. Then you can select several preferences like delete, edit, export, or send the image to the Story.

insert effects or drawings option

Step 5

Now tap to “My Story” icon, hit the names of your desired peoples you want to incorporate, and then hit the “Send” icon to share.

Snapchat My Story

Step 6

If you want to create a long story with diverse pictures, take versatile snaps, and attach them to the Story one by one.

Step 7

You can also pick photos or short videos by selecting the Camera Roll option.It’s the location of your phone memory where everything is stored.


In fine, be innovative and create startling content to maintain your audience’s interest while sharing your Story. It will improve your stories that appeal to others.

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