How to cancel Snapfitness Membership

Have you ever felt trapped in a gym membership? You sign up when you’re motivated to get in shape, only to later realize the gym that seemed so perfect at first now leaves much to be desired. Unfortunately, many popular gym chains like Snap Fitness make canceling extremely challenging.

If you find yourself wanting to get out of your Snap Fitness membership commitment because life has changed in some way – you moved, lost your job, or simply no longer use the gym – rest assured you can cancel if you follow the right protocols. Many members continue paying simply because they feel stuck not knowing how to properly terminate the membership.

This blog will walk you step-by-step through exactly what to do from reviewing your initial agreement’s fine print to submitting proper written notice to Snap Fitness.

Why You Might Need to Cancel

There are many reasons you might need to cancel your Snap Fitness membership, including

  • Relocating – Obviously if you move away, you want to cancel your membership to the local Snap Fitness rather than paying indefinitely for a gym you can no longer visit.
  • Financial Changes – If you lose your job or are struggling to make ends meet, a gym membership may be unaffordable. Similarly paying student loans or medical bills may force you to cut back on discretionary expenses.
  • Dissatisfaction – Lack of cleanliness, broken equipment not being repaired, and poor customer service are all reasons you might want to take your business elsewhere.
  • Health Issues – Injuries, disabilities, or medical conditions like pregnancy may get in the way of utilizing the gym equipment or being able to exercise.

Navigating the Cancellation Process

When you’re ready to cancel, here’s what you need to know:

  • Review your membership agreement to understand the commitment period, deadlines for cancellation notice, and any early termination fees.
  • Send formal written notice via email or certified mail. Include your name, member number, and exact cancellation date.
  • Follow up to confirm your notice was received. Don’t assume! The manager may claim the notice was never sent if you can’t later provide proof.
  • Be firm if representatives try persuading you to stay. Outline why you need to cancel or see if there are alternatives like a membership freeze or plan downgrade.

Next Steps Post Cancellation

Once your membership is finally cancelled, be sure to:

  • Retrieve any personal items from your locker or rental locker. Cut your lock if needed.
  • Check statements to ensure Snap Fitness doesn’t continue charging dues. Dispute promptly with your bank if charges occur.
  • Remove any payment information like credit cards or bank accounts stored in the Snap Fitness online system.
  • Find a new gym! Seek out alternatives that meet your budget and fitness needs more appropriately at this life stage.

The Key Takeaway

Cancelling your Snap Fitness membership can feel daunting, but knowing your rights and following proper protocols makes the process manageable. Review your agreement upfront when joining any gym so you understand the eventual exit. Most importantly, don’t take no for an answer if trying to cancel – be firm and persistent!

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