How To Delete or Exit a WhatsApp Group Permanently

how to delete a whatsapp group

WhatsApp is a popular and reliable media sharing social networking site. When it comes to bringing people of your love together and share photos with premium quality, nothing comes close to creating a WhatsApp group.

However, at times you might need to delete a WhatsApp group because its necessity has been well-served. You may also want to leave a group from WhatsApp since it is no longer necessary for you. Hence, we will discuss two topics here-

  1. How to delete a WhatsApp group (if you are an admin)
  2. How to leave a WhatsApp group

So, let us start it.

How to Delete a WhatsApp Group

Only an admin can delete a WhatsApp group. Even if the admin leaves the group and other members are in the group, it will remain active, and another member will be chosen as admin. You will have to delete all group members and then take leave from it to delete the group permanently.

Also, deleting the WhatsApp group is pretty similar in both Android and iOS.

open  WhatsApp
  • Then from the chat option, tap on the group you want to delete.
select WhatsApp group
  • Tap directly on the group name on the upper left corner or the three dots on the right corner.
whatsapp three dots icon
  • It will take you to the ‘Group Info’ page on the smartphone display.
Group Info option
  • Now, scroll down to the name of each group member. When you tap on one group member’s name, you will see a popup screen. There you will find the option ‘Remove.’
WhatsApp Remove Option
  • Click on the dedicated remove button and then confirm the removal with the second click.
confirm the removal
  • You will have to remove all the group participants this way from the group.
  • Finally, once you have removed all the WhatsApp group participants, you can leave the group.

 When you remove all members and take leave too, a popup message will come as’ Delete Group.’ Tap on the popup message to confirm the group deletion process.

How to Exit WhatsApp Group

When you want to exit a WhatsApp group, the procedure is pretty simple. It will only take a few seconds to leave a WhatsApp group.

  • Open your smartphone WhatsApp application first.
  • Scroll down to find the group from where you want to take leave.
  • Now tap on the group subject or the three dots in the group chats option.
Exit Group
  • Scroll down to find the option, ‘Exit Group.’
confirmation exit button
  • Tap on it and check the confirmation button to exit securely from the group.

Although you leave the group, you can see its previous conversations.  Furthermore, if you were the admin, WhatsApp will ask you to select another admin when exiting the group.


Many of us use WhatsApp to share photos and videos after a group party or tour. In this case, creating a WhatsApp group will all the attendees serves our purpose the best. When we are done with sharing photos with everyone, the tricks described here will benefit you.

You can use our tips on deleting a group on WhatsApp to diminish a group that is unnecessary quickly. It will help you bypass the message clutter too.

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