How to Search for People on MeetMe

How to Search for People on MeetMe

MeetMe is a unique and different social networking site. It allows people with similar interests to connect and share ideas. Additionally, the recent information showcased that at least 100 million people are using MeetMe. If you are one of them, you might want to know how to search for people on MeetMe.

Sadly, the recent update of MeetMe has removed the default search button.

But wait on.

There is a proven way to get back the search back to search for people on MeetMe.

So, get to see that.

How to Search for People on Meetme

Let us clarify one thing first. If you use MeetMe from a browser, unfortunately, you can’t access the MeetMe search bar from the website. 

However, if you are using the MeetMe mobile app, you can still find a way to get back the MeetMe search function.

And the good news is that the reinstallation of the search option to find people in MeetMe isn’t challenging. You need to find a trick to revert the older version of the MeetMe app that contained the search menu bar previously.

The steps include the following-

Step 1: Preparation

At first, you need to prepare the MeetMe for going back to the previous version. For this, close the app on your mobile phone at first.

Step 2: Removing the Cache Data

Secondly, you will need to clear the cache and data from your MeetMe app installed on the smartphone. For this, you will need to access the social networking app from your mobile settings.

For this, go to the Settings option and choose the General Setting option from it. In the General Settings option, you should find the Application Manager. Now access the MeetMe app from the application manager.

Click on it to remove the cache and previous data from the application.

Step 3: Uninstalling the Updates

Once you have cleared the cache of MeetMe from your mobile phone, search the ‘uninstall updates’ function in the application manager. Click on the button to remove the app updates permanently.

Step 4: Finding the Search Bar

After removing the updates from the MeetMe, you should immediately restart your phone. When you open the MeetMe app, you should see the previous search bar right on its position. You must deny any future updates to keep the search bar continue in your app.

An Alternative Way:

Sometimes you might find that the method mentioned above isn’t working? So what do you will do then? Also, what happens if you don’t use the mobile app?

Well, we have found a solution for you, even for such extreme cases.

Type “” on your web browser. When you access the webpage, you will automatically see the drop-down menu here. You can sort people by gender, age, and location from there to find your perfect match.

Can You Search Someone by Name on Meet Me?

No, MeetMe doesn’t have the option to find people by their name. You can only search for people depending on age, gender, and location.


We hope that this guideline on how to search people on MeetMe comes in handy for you. Also, note that the trick will work only if you are using the app for a long time on your smartphone. The recent app won’t allow you to go back to the last option with the search bar on it.

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