Tips on How to Remove Someone from Snapchat Group

How to Remove Someone from Snapchat Group

You have added someone in your Snapchat group whom you want to remove now for an unavoidable reason. Well, you can remove anyone from the Snapchat group directly. But you have to follow different steps to do that.

We have discussed detailed tips on how to remove someone from a Snapchat group in today’s tutorial. It should benefit it.

How to Remove Someone from Snapchat Group

Snapchat group chatting merely is clueless. Even if you have created the chat group, you have little control over it. Anyone added to the chat group can add or remove anyone from it, including you. So, if you suspect someone might take control of the group, you should remove him immediately.

There are two ways to remove a person from the Snapchat group directly.

Method 1: Asking the Person to Leave

Sadly, due to Snapchat’s way of seeing the chat box in a democratic way (or anarchic?), you can’t remove a person from the group chat. And it is true even if you are the creator of the group. So, with such powerless admin, you are left with one option only.

You should ask the person directly to leave the group. The rest will depend on his sense and mercy. If he decides to stay in the group, you will have to follow our 2nd option.

Method 2: Creating A New Group

If the person you have asked to leave the group doesn’t pay heed to your request, you have to create a new chat group. The process is simple. Create your group and add other members from the previous group, leaving away only the objectionable person.

However, you will lose all the data from the previous group.  So, be aware of such data loss when you want to create a new group.

Creating Snapchat Group

Also, make sure you have left the previous group. For that, tap on the group you want to take leave from virtually. On the left corner, you will find the menu. Select the leave option from the menu and click confirm to leave the group.

What Happens When You Remove A Person from Snapchat Group?

Even if you remove someone from the chat group on Facebook, his messages and files remain in the chatbox. But Snapchat works differently. When you terminate a person from your group (actually, the person has to take leave), all of his messages, images, and files will be lost.

Even if you re-add the person in the chat group, his previously lost data won’t be recoverable. Hence, it is recommended that when you want to remove a problematic person from the Snapchat group, be sure you don’t need his messages or files for future use.


This is how you can bypass an objectionable person from the Snapchat chat group. We hope these two techniques for removing someone from a Snapchat group come in handy for you.  Also, remember that leaving a group in Snapchat means permanent loss of all the messages and data in the chatbox.

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