A Permanent Solution of virtual Harassment: How to Block People on Twitch

How to Block People on Twitch

You may have heard about Twitch, one of the outstanding social networking platforms, established in 2011.It’s a well-renowned platform for live video or recorded video streaming. You might love to experience cooking, music, Food, reality ortravel show and beauty program;

what’s not you will get here? However, the most admired show is broadcasting video games that generate the highest traffic. Around millions of audience and announcer interact with others by sharing their inspiring content.

On the other hand, people who have negatively impacted you, such as bullying or malicious stalking on Twitch, can easily block them. In this handy guide, I will talk about how to block someone on Twitch.

You know blocking is one of the tricky options to change someone’s attitude deliberately. Similarly,you might want to unblock them again after a certain period. Hence, I also let you learn to unblock someone on Twitch.

Why Do You Need to Block People on Twitch?

As you know, Twitch is mainly a broadcasting channel for hardcore pc gamers. You will be surprised to learn that around fifteen million worldwide users are active here. Like you and me, all of them came here to be thoroughly entertained and learning from each other, right? But some of them might be mischievous and cross the lines in between them.

They might keep annoying you on Twitch, too, by poking their snub noses. In that case, I would love to suggest you don’t be panicked at all. Just block on Twitch and leave them alone from your comfort zone.

Read cautiously, keep your eyes on to see what’s happening next and how to block people on Twitch. Here all the answers for you.

It’s Urgent to Know How to Block or Unblock Crazy Pokers on Twitch

It’s not that so complicated task to block the unwanted person. Do you desire to block someone on Twitch? No worries, I am here for your assistance. Now go after the following options:

Option 1: Block/Unblock someone from your chat box:

To do this, you need to tap the website and sign in with your user account. Whether you want to block, either streamer or viewer, go to the channel you like watching. Open the chat window and search the profile user id you wish to block.

Twitch chat window

It’s relatively easy to find the block option to open the drop-down menu. Do it to disappear the id, and all the messages are visible in front of you.


Go to the channel settings and type the command: /ban (UserName) to block and type /unban (Username), which is one way how to unblock people on Twitch.

type command Twitch

Option 2: Search the Username to Block:

In Twitch, you may find the “Followed Channels” option underneath. Go to their search bar. This option will allow you to block if you find someone after searching.

Option 3: Block streamer with whom you offended:

You may get an updated App in Github, which will allow you to hide from view redundant streams on Twitch. You may check YouTube videos to check for details.

 Option 4: Do you want to block your useless followers?

To run the Follower-Only command, you can block or restrict your followers for a few minutes up to three months. This means you can limit your follower to follow your channel or chat with others.

Option 5: Block unwanted Channels:

When you feel it’s necessary to block a particular channel from your home page, tap the block icon in the overlay menu.

Option 6: Block whimsical Texts sent by an unfamiliar person:

You have to find out the Security Settings page of your channel’s privacy section. It will permit you to prevent unethical texts from outsiders or haters.

Option 7: Block/unblock peoples using iOS/Android Apps.

The overall procedures are as delicate as your computer. You have to install the Apps immediately from Google Play or Apple store. Tap the icon, sign in, and follow the procedures as I previously mentioned.

Option 8: Deal with your block list:

If you wish, you may handle Twitch unblock a user and your block list. It’s pretty simple and up to you when you want to free them.


In Twitch, you can show your hard or soft feelings and take appropriate steps against personal or social harassment by blocking/unblocking. In this blog, I showed how you could disappear them temporarily or permanently from your eye-sight.

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